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Executive Assistant Recruiting Expert

Recruiter with extensive experience specializing in placing Extraordinaire Executive Assistants.

Looking for an Executive Assistant to join your team? Look no further! With over 25 years of experience placing EAs and a first-hand understanding of the role, I can help you find the perfect match for your organization. My extensive database of candidates ensures that I'll find someone who meets your unique needs. Let me take the hassle out of your search and help you find an exceptional EA today!

As a prior Executive Assistant herself, Kim has the firsthand experience that enables her to understand the needs of her clients, and the strengths and objectives of her candidates. Most of her candidates come to her by referral from her extensive network she has built over two decades. She is connected with thousands of potential candidates throughout the United States including candidates that come from industries such as technology, biotech/pharma/medical device, legal, venture capital/private equity, financial services and more! In addition, her recruiting services include legal secretaries, legal administrative assistants, and paralegals! Kim and her Associate, who has nearly a decade of legal experience and two decades of EA experience, can connect you with top talent! She has worked with all sizes of companies as well, including small startups, mid-size, and large global corporations. She is passionate about what she does and as a business owner herself, she has a vested interest in the candidates she places. She is also listed online as one of the Top Executive Assistant Recruiters on iRecruit!

What sets her apart from other recruiters in addition to her firsthand experience as an EA?

Elevating Your Recruitment Experience for Exceptional Results!

Kim includes an exclusive benefit you will receive when choosing her services. As always, she invests considerable time in personally interviewing and prescreening candidates tailored to your unique requirements. This ensures a seamless and optimal match, fostering a successful long-term partnership between both parties. But here is where her commitment goes beyond—included with her full-service fee, you not only secure top-tier talent but also unlock three complimentary one-hour consultation sessions for the candidates she places with you. These sessions, conducted by Linda McFarland, a seasoned coach/mentor and EA trainer, are designed to facilitate smooth integration, setting the stage for sustained success. Linda is a trusted associate with whom Kim has collaborated for over two decades and brings a wealth of experience as a career EA with over 25 years in the field, an accomplished coach, mentor, and the author of two insightful books on excelling in an EA role. Her expertise extends to delivering seminars to EAs, focusing on productivity and effectiveness in their positions, with a notable history supporting CEOs in Silicon Valley. Visit Linda McFarland Consulting. (Opens in new window)

With her recruitment services, you are not just acquiring talent; you are investing in a comprehensive support system that prioritizes long-term success for both you and your new hires. Kim is confident that this tailored approach will elevate your recruitment experience to new heights.

Since 1999, she successfully built a recruiting firm with elite clientele in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Los Angeles, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, New York, and Florida. Kim has worked directly with top C-level Executives, Venture Capital/Private Equity firms and HR Professionals. She has developed an excellent reputation with both her clients and candidates as an active, visible, and credible recruiting professional. Her commitment to her quality of work and her extensive firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be an outstanding Executive Assistant, ensures the best possible long-term results. She has excellent references from repeat clients and takes the time to personally get to know her clients and candidates to assess their specific needs.

Dali & Associates can assist you with the following types of searches on either a direct-hire, temporary, or temp-to-hire basis:

Executive Assistants
Remote Executive Assistants
Administrative Assistants
Jr. Admins
Office Managers
Personal Assistants
Legal Secretaries
Legal Admins

Contact Information:
Kim Dali
Recruiter & Owner
Dali & Associates Recruiting
Phone icon 650-922-1162